Cincinnati Drywall and plastering

Our team of highly skilled and knowledgeable contractors are experts in new builds and remodeling, providing the best drywall services in Cincinnati. Drywall services from Imbus Drywall are the most popular option; in fact, drywall now covers the majority of homes and spaces in the United States. Drywall requires less time and labor than plaster, but there are advantages to either process.

We are happy to provide recommendations at your request for which service would be better applied to your home or building space. Drywall can reduce noise, along with having fire-resistant properties because of the chemicals and materials from which it is made, as well as the water in the boards. Walls can get battered over time.

Imbus Drywall can help you restore your house or commercial property to its former glory with drywall repair and wall plastering services in Cincinnati. Plaster is an older process, but one that still carries many advantages. Plaster walls tend to be thicker because of the number of coats, creating a nice air and sound barrier between rooms. The walls can be much more rigid as well, and is also a great choice for curved or irregular surfaces. The gypsum within plaster also has a high water content, which helps with fire resistance.

As an interior wall material, we usually recommend drywall to our customers, but are happy to provide a free estimate upon request to ensure you get the service and protection you desire. Whether your walls are cracked, have suffered from water damage, or were the victim of an accident and need a hole patched; or whether they are simply looking like they need attention, Imbus Drywall can make them look new and structurally sound.

You can avoid drywall repair by always using a stud finder or nailing pictures to studs in your wall. It is always important to do this when hanging a picture from drywall; otherwise you are nailing directly into the drywall instead of the stud that supports it. If you don't, you may end up giving us a call for drywall repair! We are happy to provide free estimates and answer any questions you may have at any time. Our first priority is the customer, and we hope you will walk away from your experience with Imbus Drywall happy and satisfied with your service. Call or click today for the best drywall and plaster service in Cincinnati!